Batman Arkham Origins: Enigma Datapacks Diamond District Locations Guide for Extortion Files 15-17

This is a location guide is for Enigma Datapacks #154-170 and completes Extortion Files #15-17. These are all the locations of the Datapacks and files in the Diamond District area. So watch and find all Datapacks in the Diamond District.

To get Enigma’s Datapacks to show up on the map, you need to interrogate Engima’s data handlers to reveal the location of all the data packs for one extortion file. There are ten datapacks in one extortion file. There are 20 extortion files which equals out to 200 datapacks. You must collect all 200 to stop Enigma from exposing the secrets of the people of Gotham City.

These Datapacks and Extorition Files are needed for the following Achievements and Trophies:

Counter-intelligence: Decipher one Extortion File
Enigma Unravelled: Collect all Enigma items
First Riddler Trophy: Collect every collectible

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